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Our program encourages curiosity & love for learning.

Preschool Casper WYKids Works offers The Creative Curriculm for Preschool (

Our preschool program is interest based. Our teachers incorporate 36 objectives into their students' interests. Teachers encourage progress on an individual level and get know each child's abilities, interests and personality. We indulge in many creative imaginative play environments that stimulate learning through experiences that will provide important social experiences that prepare each child for life.

Our Program encourages curiosity and love for learning. Kids Works kids take pride in all their accomplishments and benefit from each activity they engage in. All children develop at different rates and therefore; children are placed in our preschool classes by their developmental ability. We offer preschool starting at 18 months old and an extended full day pre-K class. Children are more then ready to enter Kindergarten upon completion of our preschool program.

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Learning Environment

We let our kids be kids! Research states that imaginative play is the catalyst for social, physical, emotional, and moral development in young children. Our environment is a self esteem building experience that offers many opportunities for children to learn, discover and create. Small group activities further develop the learning process. Our huge play system is full of tunnels, balls and slides promote gross motor skills. Imaginative play, crafts, music, manipulatives and reading stimulate children to fully embrace this wonderful learning environment.


We celebrate parent involvement! Our open door policy enables parents to be an integral part of their child's life while at Kids Works. We know the importance of the parents and child's provider sharing the same goals while raising a child. We encourage relationships with all parents to promote success in each child. We know that having you involved in our program makes us better and that by your involvement you will become a better parent for your child.


We are thrilled to partner with organizations in our community to grow a preschooler's learning environment. Our preschool rooms participate in music with Vibes Fine & Performing Arts and science with Casper's own Science Zone.

Hours of Operation

• Mon-Fri: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm
• Sat & Sun: Closed

Drop in care offered based on availability.

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Kids Works Preschool
Kids Works Preschool
Kids Works Preschool
Kids Works Preschool
Kids Works Preschool

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